About Us

Amhil Europa is presently one of the leading manufacturing companies on the European market that uses Canadian thermoforming technology to produce high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) lids and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) cups. It belongs to the Wentworth’s Plastics Packaging Group that includes also such companies as Kaj, Wentworth Tech and Suwary S.A.

Year 2001 – Amhil Europa, located in the Żarnowiec Economic Zone, starts the manufacture of polystyrene lids using production lines working in the inline system.

Year 2005 – the machinery park is expanded with another line to produce polystyrene/PET lids. The range of products increases to over 200 models.

Year 2011 – new investment project – purchase of the machines to produce and print PET cups.



May 2013

Aiming at meeting demands of the European market, in June 2013, we are going to introduce to our range of PET products a new cup of the American Style series of the capacity of 9oz/270 ml. We hope that this size cup, most frequently used to serve desserts and pack small fruit, will be of vast interest to recipients.

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